A place at the workshop costs about 2500 dollars. Although we do not have donations that are close to covering that amount, we are launching the scholarship.

Arctic reflection will fulfill the promise of free workshop independent if donations, membership and in-store sales will come up in that amount.

Regarding Ratreon and membership, future income for the next 12 months is included. So if a patreon donates $ 3 a month, it counts as $ 36.

When the amount raised reaches $ 2,500, a spot will be added. More spots are added to up to 6 spots per year.

This means that Artcic Reflections is the least sponsor of the cost for one of the participants.

Those who support the project will be offered to participate in special workshops for them. At a very long price. They will also have access to digital education. Both on Youtube and here on this page. More info about this soon!