The purpose of this scholarship is to help Youtubers who use film and photographs in their videos to try to prove scientific things, to increase their knowledge and that they can create better materials. Examples of subjects, show what shape the earth has, whether space exists or not and similar subjects.

The purpose is not that with these workshops is not to prove these things. But it’s just teaching the participants to teach the participants to make better movies, photos and to master editing better.


If you watch many channels on Youtube, you often see very poor quality in the videos that are published. Especially when it comes to videos that claim to prove something. They are blurry, incorrectly exposed and shaky. A blurry video proves nothing but that the person who filmed it lacks knowledge.

Who can apply?

You must have an active Youtube channel. It must have been active for at least 12 months. Then material must be laid out on an ongoing basis. A significant portion of your content must be content you created on your own. Your Your Your subjects must be scientifically oriented. For example, what shape does the earth have, how does gravity work, space, and similar subjects.