The workshops

Arctic reflections has for many years conducted Workshops in Norway, Sweden, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Those who receive a scholarship receive a place in a regular workshop. They are 1 week long and have a maximum of 10 participants. We are 2 photographers and a coordinator who takes care of the participants. In a normal year, 10 workshops are arranged in Lofoten. From late September to late November and from late January to April.
The workshop focuses on nature, landscapes, stars and the northern lights. We also have great opportunities to photograph animals, such as sea eagles. We are out several shifts a day and alternate with work at the computers. During the workshop, we teach the participants to take better pictures and films with their equipment. But there is also the opportunity to try professional equipment, both cameras and drones.

We live in our own inn, where we have our own restaurant, conference room, photo studio and professional photo printers.

All meals are included in the workshop.
We are located just outside Svolvær, Lofoten in Norway. See the map above.